Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dating Tests and a Dominant Woman

After reading a bit of fluff on dating tests men do to determine their date's personality, I figured I'd give you all a good laugh.
  • After opening the car door for me, I will sit there quietly and not lean uncomfortably far over to unlock it on your side. Why? You just demonstrated you have a key or one of those newfangled unlocker thingies. Good for you, now use it!
  • McDonalds? If I ever have kids I might end up having to enter one of those places simply due to advertising, cheap toys, and peer pressure. Unless you're the man to make THAT happen, no way am I stepping foot in there! Would I accept low-cost dining options if you just blew too much money buying me new computer parts and need to save on dinner? Sure. Just not McDonalds. Ew. That's not even FOOD.
  • If you try to make me jealous, I will go away. Why? Because if you were interested in me, you'd be interested in ME, not some other woman (or man or alien or um, being). You become less attractive to me if I feel you aren't into me. I have enough trouble being some weird freak-of-nature asexual Dominant girlie-girl geek woman, so if you indicate you want something else, go have fun with that something else. I won't fight for you. You will fight for me. Got it?
  • You will carry my purse. It's not a bag, it's a purse, and it's girly. Deal with it.

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  1. You make some wonderful observations about your expectations of being served as a dominant woman by a submissive male. Isn't being in 'service' to another what this dynamic is ultimately all about? I think so. I believe some men are naturally subservient and want to please, to no end, the women who have chosen them. As an aside, I appreciate the carrying of the purse: it says so much and does so publicly.

    Thank you for your thoughts and this site.