Saturday, November 5, 2011

Personal Questions

There is some curiousity about what I'm like in real life, not as words on a blog. This is understandable. However I will not be answering certain questions that would make it easy to find me in person. I hope that can be understood as well. There are sometimes things I may say about the scene, and they are not about the scene in Quebec City, but where I was before. These things could be a violation of privacy - if it's known where, the who would be too easy to know. I have not entered the scene locally as I had a very bad experience and am hesitant to open myself to that again.

I will however answer some questions about who I am and what I like in vanilla.
"Outside of D/s relationships, what are your main passions or hobbies?"
I am ashamed to say, but I love to play videogames, especially RPGs such as Oblivion and the upcoming Skyrim has me very excited. I also like to read about cooking, although it never seems to turn out like the beautiful pictures when I try. Never trust a thin cook?
"What kind of social activities would you like to share with your submissive boyfriend?"
With a slave or two I would like to enjoy occasional nights out, all of us dressed up, perhaps visit an art gallery and laugh at what people call art, then eat at a fine restaurant and relax to a beautiful concert, perhaps some kind of chamber music.

On a more regular basis I would like to play games together after dinner, he would bring me my chocolate and cookie and together we would slay monsters.

The most important shared activity would be as a workout partner. I am rehabilitating from injury and am a couch potato now but I used to love sports. Even some walking, yoga, minimal weights for me, while he would work out more strenuously, would be a fun time. Plus I can watch him when it's too much for me. These things are so much more fun with another soul to share it.
 "You mentioned shamanism and spirituality in bdsm, what is your spirituality and how important is it to you?"
That's going to have to be another blog post.

As you can see I am a very boring person, nothing exciting or dashing. Oh well.

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  1. Intellectual girls CANNOT be boring. Especially if they're dominant. That's just an impossibility. ;-)

    petit chiot