Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On Being Interviewed

Recently I was interviewed by submissiveProud.

It was a bit of a shock to see something I said as an offhand comment given such prominence but I guess I can't control how others react to my words. For me, saying "I would like to empower other women to be more open about their dominance" is much less important than empowering submissive males to stand up for their right to be sweet, caring, and kind human beings.

Too often this society devalues basic qualities of kindness and consideration for others as weak. The language of insult is to compare to a woman.

These things push the male who is in touch with his whole humanity to consider himself more female rather than more whole. It gives rise to such phrases as "getting in touch with his feminine side" and ultimately to men who hate being men. The lack of sensual, pretty, beautiful clothing for men leads to men who crave artistic, beautiful, and sensuous clothing to turn to sissification, because they have no option to be beautiful creatures as men.

Can we just put the whole nonsense behind us as a species, please?

Kindness doesn't make you weak, it makes you strong. Harshness makes you weak. We all need to depend on each other, and isn't it so much nicer to be able to do so from trust and caring?

Sensuality is as much a human need and right as eating. Beauty uplifts the spirit, and being able to consider the self as beautiful is another source of self-esteem, making for a stronger person.

Is it really important that I said I'd like to empower other women? Are there so few voices of a female Dominant viewpoint out there that this could be considered important?

I'd like to empower everyone to have the freedom to choose what is right for them. Not for others, but just for them.

Let male Dominants be allowed to be Dominant, just educate them to not be assholes who think that all women should be subjugated. Let female Dominants be allowed and supported to be Dominant also. Let the beautiful slave women who love being slaves, be slaves. Let the switches be switchy. Let the men who love to be giving and to kneel, be allowed to give and to kneel. Let both women and men grow in beauty and power, and know they have the ability to choose whether to give or to receive that power.

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  1. Oh yes, let them all be who they r. Alas, i learned, that most don't have the stomach for that, or r simply lying.

    Besides, there's no authority out there who is in the position to allow anything u mentioned. least not in my life. I do as i please, allowed or not. In the past there were a few fools who challenged me on that. They still regret their attempts (grin).

    And no, it's absolutely not important that u said u would like to empower other women. It's just that John liked it, needed it, and used it for his own agenda. It's his trademark.