Friday, November 4, 2011

Feminine Superiority

"Do you believe women are naturally superior? Or that the world would be better if women were in control and all men were submissives to their wives/girlfriend?"

I think that's just as much a trap as thinking that all men are naturally superior and that all women should be submissive. I've met male and female submissives who were happy and fulfilled, and male and female submissives who were really switches, and males and females who were Dominants. Should I force a Dominant man to become my slave by breaking his spirit and allowing him no option to be his true self? No, same as I would hate that to be done to me!

What works for me in my relationships to make me feel happy and fulfilled in them, may not work for others.

What I do believe, is that the values of femininity are something that is much needed in this world: kindness, consideration, empathy, wholistic thinking. Consideration for future generations of the Earth, stewardship of our natural resources rather than exploitation, these should be a matter of course, not something special, and especially not something mouthed by politicians to gain votes then ignored after.

But this is a fault of the quality and type of leadership we have in the world today, not a matter of gender. Divisive tactics, jealousy and insecurity, have been allowed to lead for too long. The women who have been allowed into high position in the world have all exhibited these same fractured morals and values, because they have risen through the same system, and cut off their natural values in the same way the men had to do in prior generations.

The world is big enough to share! There are enough natural resources to feed ALL the world's population! We have the technology!

I believe that men who act with honour, integrity, and quality leadership may in fact deserve their Dominant position in their personal relationships just as much as I do in mine. That those who find meaning in being a slave - may find it, no matter their gender or orientation or identity.

To me, a world where all women are dominant and all men slaves is unbalanced. I would have preferred a world of complete equality when I was younger, before I knew that some people truly do wish to be slaves and find joy in that. Before I had any relationship of my own and before I realized that in any relationship, there is a leader and a follower, and though the outer, visible roles may change based on what's happening in life, the true dynamic is that one surrenders to the other more naturally.

I myself will never surrender naturally. Lost in the grip of a fantasy so strong, that to not follow it would break me. Anyone who loves me, would have to love that about me - that I must be the one in charge. I need it like I need air. You must allow me this, and surrender your power to me, to be used by me for the both of us.

Alone, I am in charge of myself. Together, I must be in charge of you. It's how I am made. But I will not dictate that as the one Twoo way for others.

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